Fishing Nets Circular Economy

Seychelles, Ivory Coast, Europe

In 2021, a problem of accumulation of discarded fishing nets from purse seine vessels was identified in the port of Victoria, Seychelles.

At that time, working for the consulting firm Sinerxia and in collaboration with the fishing industry and the government of Seychelles, we conducted a study following the methodology of Systems Thinking and Action Research to identify the most effective Circular Economy solutions to solve this problem. Here you can find more information about the study.

This visit, with the involvement and participation of key stakeholders and the subsequent report, led to the creation of the company Brikole in early 2022, which soon started selling these nets to international recyclers, employing 6 full-time workers and achieving financial profitability in the first year.

Recycling Fishing Nets

Bureo is a company that has been specializing in fishing net recycling for 10 years, with a recycling plant in Chile.

The success of the initiative led Bureo to trust Azvai to help in the expansion of their fishing nets recycling operations.