Nature Regeneration and Reconnection

Numerous studies indicate that listening to natural soundscapes (especially through conscious listening) has a profound positive impact on our well-being and, potentially, our respect for nature. However, these soundscapes are increasingly rare as we, humans, continue to destroy the natural ecosystems that generate them.

That’s where comes in: in addition to daily publishing new nature sounds, we actively support the community in getting people out into nature and discovering a deeper, more direct connection with the wonders that surround us. This can lead to greater well-being on both an individual and collective level.

Azvai &

Azvai was involved as a co-founding entity of, participating in the development of the idea from the beginning, seeking the best way to help people reconnect with nature.

We launched the project not only to assist individuals in improving their psychological well-being, but also because we believe that a population more connected to the natural world will be better equipped to take the necessary actions to protect and regenerate the environment that surrounds us.

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