About us

Azvai emerges to address the climate and environmental crisis we face, combining systems thinking and mainstream methodologies. We work across different systems, from agriculture and fisheries to engineering and innovation.

Action Systems

Regenerative Economies

Design and execution of Circular Economy projects, Regenerative Agriculture and Forestry. Moving towards economies in harmony with nature.

Technological Minimalism

Ethical and minimalist application of the latest technological trends, seeking self-sufficiency by users and communities.

Change, Innovation and Knowledge

Development of Communities of practice capable of managing Change, Innovation and Knowledge autonomously.

Our Role


ethically and systematically, always advising with humility and honesty.


so that ideas and changes in complex systems emerge from the self-organization of new or existing communities.


in the design and execution of the solutions. We facilitate participatory design workshops, project managing and implementing those actions we are best suited for.