About me

Azvai is a name inspired by non-dualistic thinking, chosen to integrate my way of thinking and being, my past experiences and my aspirations.

My name is Borja, and I am a Freelance Consultant based in Galicia (Spain). From here, I help organisations implementing sustainable operations around the world.

Over the last decade I have worked in Operational Excellence at the Kaizen Institute, I have led my own entrepreneurial initiatives at FlipSimply, East Bali Poverty Project, and Earth.fm, and I supported the operational development and scaling of Circular Economy projects with Interface, Project Stop and Bureo.

Reciclar Redes de Pesca


Create to Regenerate

Design and develop economies that contribute to the regeneration of the earth.

Think in Systems

Make an effort to understand the dynamics of the Systems where we want to intervene, beyond the goals of any single organisation.

Act with Purpose

Pursue holistic goals where outcomes are balanced considering the impact surrounding our scope of action.



ethically and systematically, always advising with humility and honesty.


so that ideas and changes in complex systems emerge from the self-organization of new or existing communities.


the design and execution of the solutions, helping bring ideas into reality.